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SimplexChain promotes contemporary art cognition, contemporary art appreciation, cutting-edge art experience and public art life through community ecology to build a distributed art economic ecology.

SimplexChain – Department of individual pioneer

Designed to attract emerging artists, creativity designers and independent art unions and brands. Focus on new ideas and Originally-Created Culture, as well as promote contemporary art, music, and literature. We collect the excellent art resources and core art news to create an artistic life system for every young artist and art experiencer.

It provides a platform to innovate contemporary art industry, linking artists, art works, art practitioners, collectors and art ecological industry, paralleling new technologies of the Internet of Things(IOT) to create a zero-distance, borderless, professional and intellectual art space

Why we create SimplexChain?

Aeternity Blockchain

Narrow circulation channels and high circulation barriers

Aeternity Blockchain

Lack of systematic trainings for potential artist

Aeternity Blockchain

The centralization of traditional transactions

Aeternity Blockchain

Opacity of authentication and authorization mechanisms

Aeternity Blockchain

lack of Artwork pricing standards

Aeternity Blockchain

monotonous business modes of art industry business

SimplexChain Promotes the Reform of Art Industry

Aeternity Blockchain

4 billion investment

Aeternity Blockchain

80,000 artists’incubation

Aeternity Blockchain

500 galleries join in

Aeternity Blockchain

Identification of 100,000 works of art

Aeternity Blockchain

700 million/year market turnover

Aeternity Blockchain

700,000 art lovers gathered

Our Technology


Read the White Paper and Start the Journey of Science and Technology

Read the White Paper and Start the Journey of Science and Technology

White Paper

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SimplexChain Implementation plan

Artwork Token – Weakened Barriers
Each artwork will generate a unique certificate, realizing the asset securitization of artworks to be confirmed through smart contracts to each participating potential art collector. Collectors can trade in the community on the ownership of art works and gain value improvement. Lower transaction threshold, and reduce investment risk.
Art Fund – Support Young Artists
SimplexChain will establish the SimplexChainART Foundation to promote the healthy development of global art market, support young art creative talents, provide art resources, creative spaces to guarantee a healthy cycle of artists' creation, so that more art fans could participate in it.
Decentralized and Efficient Intelligent Trading Community
Provide a smarter, safer and more convenient trading experience. In the art trading mode, the intelligent blockchain contract system is adopted. Any two parties can confirm the right with their own digital identity as an endorsement according to the terms of the smart contract and the target object of confirmation can be easily traced to its source.
Traceability of the Entire Art Cycle
By collecting and recording the ownership of copyright, personal right, and property right of each artwork, a unique hash fingerprint is generated, and de-centered registration is performed along with owner information, creator information and circulation information. The blockchain technology ensures that the data cannot be tampered with, and the artwork information can be traced to its source.
Decentralized Art Community Consensus
Through a complete evaluation system, the community consensus represents the value of whole art category, the circulation of art and its financial value can reach unprecedented popularity and height.
“Art + Life” Space - Support the Whole Industrial Chain
Create a new artistic living space with the theme of “Art + Life”, and integrate art and design with a variety of presentations to unify creativity and life unite.


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